The fifth Taunus Crime Movie based on the novel „Wer Wind sät“ by Nele Neuhaus

A night watchman is found dead in the stairwell of WindPro – a company selling wind turbines. The forensic pathologist’s report states an unnatural cause of death.

While Oliver von Bodenstein and Pia Kirchhoff investigate a civic organisation that is campaigning against a wind park planned by WindPro, Bodenstein’s father finds one of his old friends brutally murdered on his farm. Ludwig Hirtreiter, the spokesperson for the campaign group, did not just have enemies on the side of those in favour of wind power.

A violent storm brews, which threatens to pull Pia Kirchhoff and Oliver von Bodenstein into its grip too.



  • Genre: Crime
  • Format: 1 x 90′
  • Commissioned by: ZDF
  • Broadcast: 4 May 2015



Tim Bergmann (Oliver von Bodenstein), Felicitas Woll (Pia Kirchhoff), Kai Scheve (Dr. Henning Kirchhoff), Michael Schenk (Kai Ostermann), Nadeshda Brennicke (Friederike Franzen), Ulrike C. Tscharre (Annika Sommerfeld), Aleksandar Tesla (Jannis Theodorakis), Kathrin Filzen (Frauke Hirtreiter), Rainer Sellien (Stefan Theissen), Sven Gielnik (Mark Theissen), Bernd Stegemann (Ludwig Hirtreiter), Edgar M. Böhlke (Heinrich von Bodenstein), Peter Benedict (Dirk Eisenhut), Jens Schäfer (Frank Behnke), Julika Jenkins (Cosima von Bodenstein), Mimi Fiedler (Valerie Löblich), Sebastian Kroehnert (Sven Seipelt) and others



  • Screenplay by: Anna Tebbe
  • Directed by: Marcus O. Rosenmüller
  • Director of Photography: Thomas Erhart