A crime series based on the novels by Nele Neuhaus

Nele Neuhaus’ Taunus Crime Series has been a huge hit in the German literary world. Originally self-published, the series has achieved triumphant success on the Spiegel bestseller lists. After selling over six million copies of her books in Germany, the author has become a star. The rights to the books have been sold to 25 countries.

All-in has already adapted seven of the books from the Taunus Crime Series for the German television channel ZDF, with Felicitas Woll and Tim Bergmann playing the lead roles.

The previous seven parts of the Taunus Crime Series were all huge hits and enjoyed dream ratings of up to 7.38 million viewers each. „Big Bad Wolf“ was the second most successful TV film on German television in 2016.

The adaptations of the Taunus Crime Series are all set amidst the wild and romantic scenery of the mystical and enchanted Taunus. They offer a fascinating portrait of society and are packed with suspense. Oliver von Bodenstein and Pia Kirchhoff – a pair of unconventional detectives from Hofheim – use their fine instinct and understanding of human nature to uncover suspects and motives, and often the abysmal depths of humanity.