The first Taunus Crime Movie based on the novel „Schneewittchen muss sterben“ by Nele Neuhaus


The picturesque village of Altenhain is surrounded by the deep forests of Taunus. But the idyll is suddenly interrupted, as the convicted murderer Tobias Sartorius returns to his home following his release from prison. Eight years ago he is believed to have murdered his classmate Stefanie Schneeberger, who played Snow White in the school theatre production.

When Gregor Lauterbach, who staged the production all those years ago, is found hanged in the forest, it is clear who is responsible for his death. Another girl disappears soon afterwards and the village begins a veritable witch hunt.

But detectives Oliver von Bodenstein and Pia Kirchhoff soon realise that the solution is not as simple as it looks – the villagers seem to be hiding something. During the search for the real perpetrator, the detectives have to untangle a web of lies and look straight into the depths of human depravity.



  • Genre: Crime
  • Format: 1 x 90′
  • Commissioned: ZDF
  • Broadcast: 25 Febuary 2013


Tim Bergmann (Oliver von Bodenstein), Felicitas Woll (Pia Kirchhoff), Vladimir Burlakov (Tobias Sartorius), Julian Weigend (Henning Kirchhoff), Michael Schenk (Kai Ostermann), Julius Römer (Lorenz), Sina Fredrich (Rosalie), Florian Bartholomäi (Thiess Terlinden / Lars), Ulrike Kriener (Christine Terlinden), Sarah Horváth (Amelie Fröhlich), Anna Unterberger (Nadja Bredow), Hartmut Volle (Gregor Lauterbach), Andreas Grusinski (Frank Pietsch), Gloria Endres de Oliveira (Stefanie Schneeberger), Moritz Pliquet (Jörg Kaufmann), Michael Benthin (Schneeberger), Folker Banik (Dr. Horstmann), Arno Kempf (Amelies Vater), Andreas Konzack (Gemeindepfarrer) and others



  • Screenplay by: Henriette Piper
  • Directed by: Manfred Stelzer
  • Director of Photography: Johann Feindt