TV Comedy

Business consultant Fanny Burkhard, who specialises in helping large companies take over companies in financial difficulties, is single.

When she is tasked with sourcing information about a games developer on behalf of a Chinese corporation, she discovers that the peculiar company owner Christian is an old acquaintance. She makes contact with him under a false pretext. She begins to spy on him but soon realises that she likes him more than she would like to admit, and it starts to become more and more difficult to do her job.

The situation becomes even more complicated when Fanny’s 20-year-old nephew falls in love with Christian’s attractive daughter Marie. Fanny must make a decision.



  • Genre: Comedy, Best-Ager
  • Format: 1 x 90′
  • Commissioned by: ARD
  • Broadcast: 1 September 2012



Mariele Millowitsch (Fanny Burkhard), Jan-Gregor Kremp (Christian), François Goeske (Florian), Anna Hausburg (Marie), Johanna Gastdorf (Nicole), Ulrich Gebauer (Roland Beck), Claudia Mehnert (Rebecca Beck), Nathalie Schott (Lilly), Eckhard Preuß (Markus), Nina Dragomir (Fanny Kid), Matthias Kupfer (Björn Kubacki) and others



  • Screenplay by: Edda Leesch
  • Directed by: Christine Kabisch
  • Director of Photography: Michael Boxrucke