TV Comedy

Commercial photographer Richard is very happy with himself and his life, and believes that he is the perfect husband. Until one day his wife Charlotte discovers her new dream man on an online dating website. The discovery was quite unintentional as her best friend Ulla had created a profile for her just for fun.

But her profile scored an unbelievable 98 percent match with that of a certain Thomas. Her own husband, meanwhile, only scored 14 percent. Charlotte begins to doubt the many years of marital happiness that she has enjoyed and becomes curious. She meets the unknown teacher, after her own tolerant husband encourages her to do so. The self-confident Richard did not expect that the online competitor would also score highly in real life.

Shortly before the couple is due to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary, he realises that his exemplary marriage is at risk, and that his plan to enjoy a relaxing retirement together on a Greek island is in danger of disappearing. He would be willing to fight for Charlotte, if only he weren’t so proud…



  • Genre: Comedy, Best-Ager
  • Format:  1 x 90′
  • Commissioned by: ZDF
  • Broadcast: 15 December 2014



Axel Milberg (Richard Leisewitz), Ulrike Kriener (Charlotte Leisewitz), August Zirner (Stefan), Hendrik Duryn (Thomas), Saskia Vester (Frau Falkenberg), Katharina Lorenz (Ulla), Jonathan Beck (Markus Leisewitz), Albert Kitzl (Taxifahrer), Ulrike C. Tscharre (Christine), Philipp Sonntag (Richter), Samantha Capko (Tanja Frankenberg), William Newton (Max) and others



  • Screenplay by: Georg Weber
  • Directed by: Walter Weber
  • Director of Photography: Volker Tittel