The fourth Taunus Crime Movie based on the novel „Tiefe Wunden“ by Nele Neuhaus

A 92-year-old man is found dead in his home. The Holocaust survivor has been executed in a dreadful manner and his blood used to leave a message for the detectives: The murderer has written “16145” on the mirror in the hallway.

During the autopsy, the forensic pathologist Henning Kirchhoff discovers the remains of a tattoo, which was common amongst the Armed SS. More murders that follow the same pattern are committed. Why has someone murdered three old people? And what does the mysterious number mean?

The case leads Oliver von Bodenstein and Pia Kirchhoff to the highest circles of the Taunus society. For all three victims are related to Dr. Vera Kaltensee, the renowned widow of a businessman…



  • Genre: Crime
  • Format: 1 x 90′
  • Commissioned by: ZDF
  • Broadcast: 2 Febuary 2015



Tim Bergmann (Oliver von Bodenstein), Felicitas Woll (Pia Kirchhoff), Nicole Heesters (Vera Kaltensee), Kai Scheve (Dr. Henning Kirchhoff), Michael Schenk (Kai Ostermann), Manfred Zapatka (Siegbert Kaltensee), Ernst Stötzner (Elard Kaltensee), Kyra Mladeck (Auguste Nowak), Uwe Bohm (Marcus Nowak), Barnaby Metschurat (Thomas Ritter), Charlotte Bohning (Marlen Kaltensee), Dieter Hallervorden (Friedrich Müller-Mansfeld), Gudrun Landgrebe (Katharina Ehrmann) and others



  • Screenplay by: Anna Tebbe
  • Directed by: Marcus O. Rosenmüller
  • Director of Photography: Stefan Spreer