Mini-series based on the novel “Dead Before Dying” by Deon Meyer

Mat Joubert is considered one of the finest police officers in Cape Town. But Mat has only been a shadow of himself since his wife was murdered one year ago. Now he faces the sack: He has just six months to find himself again, using training, a new diet and psychotherapy. His new boss also assigns the former elite cop Sanctus Snook as his new partner.

The unlikely duo doesn’t have to wait long for their first assignment – the new year begins with a series of spectacular murders of exclusively white men. The weapon – a German Mauser rifle – is reminiscent of the Apartheid era; at the same time, another series of murders of young, European models poses a new puzzle.

Mat and Sanctus’ investigations finally lead them to a mysterious villa called ENIGMA, where they uncover suspicious connections between Germany and South Africa.


Genre: Crime
Format: Mini-series, 6 x 45′
Distributor: Dynamic Television


Trond Espen Seim (Mat Joubert), Boris Kodjoe (Sanctus Snook), Arnold Vosloo (Robin van Rees), Axel Milberg (Norbert Wernicke), Marcin Dorocinsk (Christian Coolidge), Isolda Dychauk (Irena Krol), Jessica Haines (Hanna Nortier), Jody Abrahams (Bart de Wit), Ian Roberts (Gerbrand Vos), Nandi Horak (Rosina Windburg) and others


  • Screenplay by: Annette Reeker
  • Directed by: Peter Ladkani
  • Director of Photography: Florian Schilling