The sixth Taunus Crime Movie based on the novel „Böser Wolf“ by Nele Neuhaus

A dead girl who no one has reported as missing is recovered from the River. The autopsy reveals that the child had been abused and raped for years.

Yet the discovery of the mysterious girl’s body is only the beginning in a series of incidents. Just a few days later, the well-known TV presenter Hanna Herzmann is found brutally raped and seriously injured. Oliver von Bodenstein and Pia Kirchhoff discover that the journalist had been working on a highly explosive story surrounding a child pornography ring.

The detectives dig deeper and, in doing so, come across an abyss of evil and brutality in the heart of a well-to-do society, before the case becomes personal.



  • Genre: Crime
  • Format: 2 x 90’
  • Commissioned by: ZDF
  • Broadcast: 11 and 12 January 2016



Tim Bergmann (Oliver von Bodenstein), Felicitas Woll (Pia Kirchhoff), Kai Scheve (Henning Kirchhoff), Michael Schenk (Kai Ostermann), Harald Schrott (Oberstaatsanwalt Markus Maria Frey), David Rott (Florian Finkbeiner), Bella Bading (Louisa Finkbeiner), Michael Mendl (Josef Finkbeiner), Alexandra Finder (Corinna Wiesner), Jürgen Tarrach (Bernd Prinzler), Karin Hanczewski (Michaela Prinzler), Natalia Wörner (Leonie Verges), Alex Brendemühl (Kilian Rothemund), Emma Bading (Chiara Rothemund), Jenny Elvers (Hanna Herzmann), Jennifer Ulrich (Meike Herzmann), Teresa Harder (Rosie Stiehler), Natalia Avelon (Evelyn), Dr. Aylin Baydar, Jens Schäfer (Frank Behnke) and others



  • Screenplay by: Anna Tebbe
  • Directed by: Marcus O. Rosenmüller
  • Director of Photography: Stefan Spreer